OS Giken UK - About us

Welcome to our OS Giken UK shop, brought to you by TORQEN UK. As Europe's premier distributor of OS Giken products, we are proud to offer the automotive community parts that stand as evidence of state of the art engineering and unmatched performance.

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the leading retailer, dealer, and supplier for OS Giken in the UK and Europe. We are profoundly dedicated to offering products that elevate your vehicle's performance while maintaining OS Giken's enduring legacy of excellence in Japanese automotive engineering.

Serving as more than just distributors at TORQEN's OS Giken UK, we act as the crucial link between OS Giken's engineering excellence and the automotive passion that thrives in the UK and Europe. We passionately advocate for the superior knowhow and innovative spirit of OS Giken.

OS Giken UK - Triple clutch R3C

We’re here to help you every step of the way on your journey to car greatness. With the expertise of OS Giken and the commitment of TORQEN, we’re all about delivering top-notch performance and making sure you’re happy every step of the way.