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[HTR2C] - HTR Twin Plate Clutch for Honda K20/K24 - Overhaul Kit B

[HTR2C] - HTR Twin Plate Clutch for Honda K20/K24 - Overhaul Kit B

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The HTR Clutch line-up was designed to hold higher capacity power than the STR while still retaining a relatively moderate clutch pedal. 

[HTR2C] - HTR Twin Plate dampened clutches give some forgiveness to the transmission by absorbing drivetrain shock while providing reliability and strength under heavy abuse. These units are typically good up to 650lbs ft of torque depending on the application. The end result is a quiet and reliable clutch set that will go years before needing overhaul.


  • Honda Integra Type R
  • Honda Civic Type R
  • K20/K24 Varient

Included Components:

  • Twin Plate Clutch Assembly with Flywheel

Installation Notes:

  • Please consult installation guide
  • Requires Honda K-Series Flywheel Bolts PN: 90011-PNA-B00

Overhaul Kits are meant for the repair and refurbishment of an OS Giken clutch kit. Overhaul kits are not universal fitment and must be specifically order for each particular model of OS Giken clutch.


Overhaul Kit A - Includes the follow parts:

  1. Replacement Clutch Friction Disc(s)
  2. Replacement Pressure Plate (not the Aluminum or Steel Cover)

Overhaul Kit B - Includes the follow parts:

  1. Replacement Clutch Friction Disc(s)
  2. Replacement Pressure Plate 
  3. Replacement Clutch Cover (Aluminum/Steel) *Covers are not interchangable*
Our specially designed clutch cover contains a unique leverage mechanism for the diaphragm spring, resulting in a higher clamping load of the clutch disc(s) while also reducing pedal effort. These diaphragm springs combined with our special OS Giken Release Sleeves provide a much easier to operate clutch.

We utilize full face metallic clutch plates to achieve high torque capacity from our clutches. This allows for us to use much softer diaphragm springs to achieve equal or better torque capacity compared to our competitors with substantially less pedal effort.

Integrated ventilation holes reduce heat generated inside the clutch system and allows for friction plate dust to exit outside the clutch system, thus increasing reliability and safety. Both the clutch housing and flywheel are chemically heat treated to handle extreme conditions. Increased power output typically requires more torque capacity(friction) in order to hold. This often leads to more heat being generated


Our hardened steel alloy flywheels provide superior durability and life than aluminum flywheels, which also results in quicker and predictable engine response. We develop our own flywheel design to maximize our design and engineering philosophies into a no-compromise, complete clutch assembly.
Our integrated clutch and flywheel packages increase transmission efficiency and engine response. Our clutches and flywheels are built within strict tolerances and crafted using carefully selected materials to provide the highest quality and durability.
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